2019 January Shootout Tournament
2019 January Shootout Tournament
Event Series: Shootout Tournaments
Event Dates: 1/11/2019 - 1/13/2019
Registration: 1/6/2019 - 1/13/2019
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Found 20 unique players filling 34 roster positions Event Participants
Participant NameRoleOrganization NameDivision NameTeam Name
Zubair Akhtar Player-Intermediate Division (B & C)
Dan Bitman Player-High Division (Open, Elite & A)
Dan Bitman Player-High Doubles
Dan Bitman Player-High DoublesDan & Lucas
Dan Bitman Player-High Level Final 4
Keith Bolin Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
Keith Bolin Player-Low Level Final 4
Carlos Camacho Player-High Division (Open, Elite & A)
Carlos Camacho Player-High Level Final 4
Parker Farrell Player-Intermediate Division (B & C)
Steve Farrell Player-Intermediate Division (B & C)
David Haines Player-High Division (Open, Elite & A)
David Haines Player-High Level Final 4
Mike James Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
Mike James Player-Low Level Final 4
Andrew Kwak Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
Phil Laroche Player-Intermediate Division (B & C)
Mark Lynch Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
John Muhich Player-High Division (Open, Elite & A)
Ravi Mulpuri Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
Ravi Mulpuri Player-Low Level Final 4
Jose Ortiz Player-High Division (Open, Elite & A)
Jose Ortiz Player-High Doubles
Jose Ortiz Player-High DoublesJoel & Jose
Joel Parkey Player-High Doubles
Joel Parkey Player-High DoublesJoel & Jose
John Pruitt Player-High Division (Open, Elite & A)
John Pruitt Player-High Level Final 4
Debra Snell Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
Debra Snell Player-Low Level Final 4
Lucas Tettamente Player-High Doubles
Lucas Tettamente Player-High DoublesDan & Lucas
John Yates Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
Mitch Zess Player-Low Division (D & Novice)
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