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Racquetcap Welcome Handout

Lesson Template

Here is a template that you can edit with your picture for posting at the club.

League Word Document Available

Hey RB'ers.

Below is a MS Word Document that you can  download, edit, and use to advertise your leagues.  

League flyer

Printable LTF League Flyer, Score Sheet and Registration Sheet.

Hanging flyers is a great way to grab attention for your league but designing one can be painstaking.  That's why we've done it for you!  Simply print off the PDF and write in your dates, or download the Word Document, edit what you'd like, then print off as many copies as you need!
 pdf.jpg  OfficeWord.png
Click Here to Print the PDF      

League Flyer 1 Image.jpg

Additionally, we have template score sheets and a paper signup sheet for you to hang up at your club.

 Score Sheet
Sign-Up Sheet
Score Sheet Image.jpg
Sign Up Sheet Image.jpg

About LTF Administrators Network

This Network has been built to allow LTF Coordinators, MSDH's, and any administrators of Life Time Fitness Networks within the Racquetcap System to easily get access to training documentation and information relating to the success of their league and community activity on the Racquetcap website.  

If you have questions about any aspects of the Racquetcap System, please call or email John Wilinski or Danielle Maur for assistance.  

LTF Training Quizzes!

Click the Quiz below to take the LTF Racquetcap Training Quiz!

General Racquetcap Training Quiz

Racquetcap Event Management Training Quiz

Parental Consent Form

In compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) anyone under the age of 13 must have written parental consent to access their Tencap or Racquetcap profile.

Click Here to print the Tencap/Racquetcap Parental Consent Form

Images to Use

If you would like your hyperlinks to look pretty, right click on the image below you would like to use, then save to your computer.  Go to the news feed where you would like to post this image and use the Image.jpg to insert the button below.  Then add a hyperlink as you normally would.  If you're not sure how to create a hyperlink, refer to the Racquetcap for Rookies Document or watch the Creating Hyperlinks video.

LTF RB Emblem.png
LTF RB Logo-1.jpg
Click Here to Register _ Button.jpg



Submit Scores.jpg

If you have a suggestion for another button, please email us to let us know!  Our team will review the suggestion, and if it appears to have a large enough demand, we'll have it created and placed in this news feed for you to copy and use.

Racquetcap Videos!

Score Entry Reminder Video

Here is a video that explains how to easily send an email to your league participants reminding them to enter their league scores.  It takes 2 minutes to send the email and will make a dramatic difference in the engagement of your players.  We recommend doing this for each division every week. 

LTF coordinator - Score entry video.jpg

Racquetcap for Rookies! Second Edition!

Here is the amazing reference manual for our Racquetcap System!  Click Here to download the Second Edition!

Now with Scheduling!

Current and Upcoming Events
There are no current or upcoming events.
Past Events
2017 leagues
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Coordinator Racquetcap Test League 3/21/2017 6/30/2017
Other Events (Non-Series)
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
Consolation Test Bracket 10/27/2018 10/31/2018
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